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Week 1


Lesson Content

Red & Black T’s - 


Hi Everyone! 

My name is Erin and I’m the principal of the Haywards Heath Academy and I teach singing at Burgess Hill Academy. 

This week marks the beginning of our February Ariel digital academy and we will be working on our showcase finale!! 

Nicci has recorded a video explaining the piece as a whole and the underlying themes, please make sure you watch that before you start this week’s lesson. 

The finale is split into different sections so please pay close attention to what you’re learning - 


Ariels & Prosperos you need to learn: 

  • The tune for ‘Blackbird and Yesterday’

  • Pick a harmony line for ‘Here Comes The Sun

  • Solo opportunities in ‘Because’ (pick a vocal line) 


Black T-Shirts, you need to learn: 

  • Orsinos - pick a harmony line for ‘Get Back’ & ‘Here Comes The Sun’ 

  • Tempests - pick a harmony line for ‘Blackbird & Yesterday’ 

  • Both groups - solo opportunities in ‘Because’ (pick a line)


There’s lots to get your teeth stuck into so looking forward to seeing your uploads! Remember they go to using the WeTransfer link below. 

Week 2

Hi Orsinos and Tempests! 

We’ve got lots in store for you this week so please pay close attention to what you’re learning. 


Orsinos - Tiffany has choreographed a short section of ‘Get Back’ for you to learn, along with a short creative task for you. 


Tempests - You have two routines to work on, Because (choreographed by Kerry) and Blackbird (choreographed by Tiffany.) 


In both pieces, we are looking to see a connection to the lyrics, expressed through your movement and facial expression. 

Can’t wait to see your work so please send your video over to using the WeTransfer link below. 

Blackbird_Yesterday- Full
00:00 / 02:35
Because- Full
00:00 / 01:47
Get Back- full
00:00 / 02:00

Hi Ariel and Prosperos, 

We are looking at learning the movement for our finale. The section we are focusing on this week is Eleanor Rigby. Ariels and Prosperos, you are learning slightly different choreography to each other so please play close attention to the videos. The themes of this section are of isolation and loneliness so I would like to see this reflected through your physicalisation and facial expressions. 

Can’t wait to see your work so please send your video over to using the WeTransfer link below. 

Eleanor Rigby (Strings Only Anthology 2
00:00 / 01:34
Eleanor Rigby (Strings Only Anthology 2
00:00 / 01:34

Week 3



Today we are going to be working on the drama side of the closing of our showcase. I have taken inspiration from the strength of nature and how this  feeds back into our human spirit. 

Please take time to read and reflect on the poem and I am looking for how you use pause and pace within the text. I would also like to hear your music choices to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the piece. Excited to see your uploads so please get your Ariel uniforms and send your videos in to using the WeTransfer link below. 

Week 4

00:00 / 01:22

A message from Kerry … 


Hello all! 

We are working on your finale today and I will be teaching you your bows section. This will be the very last moment our audience will see so we’re looking for bags of energy and smiles! 


Red T-Shirts - you have an extra creative task to work on. You have 2 counts of 8 solo, after the choreography in my video, and I want you to imagine this solo is your encore! The crowd is chanting your name and you need to go all out. Be as expressive as you can and really go for it! 


Black T-shirts - as you will be remaining on stage longer than the Red T-Shirts, you have a little more choreography to learn. But if you would like to create your own encore too, we won’t mind!! 


Excited to see your uploads so please get your Ariel uniforms on and send your videos over to using the WeTransfer link below. 


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