Lesson 1

Ariels and Prosperos are the names of our groups at Ariel Drama Academies. Do you know what Shakespeare play they’re from?

 Dance - The Lazy Song

This lesson is all about creating a character and sustaining it throughout the routine. Get your sunglasses at the ready! Make sure you have enough space and please put your trainers on. 

Lazy SongBruno Mars
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Lesson 2

Drama - Vocal Techniques

During this lesson we will be looking closely at how we use our voice in performance. Use the script provided to help you put the tricks and tips covered in this video in to practice. 

Lesson 3

Singing - Developing Character

Telling a story through song is the objective of this lesson. Connecting to the lyrics and conveying meaning to your audience is a vital skill to enhance your performances. 

Singing Belting Vocal Exercise.
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Backing Somewhere only we know
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Somewhere only we know
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Lesson 4

Drama - Comedy 

In this lesson, we are going to explore the world of comedy and look at what skills you need for a convincing comedy performance. Use the script below to practice what you’ve learnt. 

Lesson 5

 Dance - Rock Around The Clock 

We are embracing the Jive in today’s lesson. Make sure you have plenty of space and please put your trainers on. 

Bill Haley - Rock Around The Clock (128
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