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Week 1

Hi everyone. Thank you for joining our Digital Academy today. Everything you need to learn for your Showcase Opening song is here. Before you start, make sure you have listened to the full track. You should all know this song by Maroon 5, but in true Ariel style, we’ve put our extra special stamp on it. Once you’ve had a listen, you need to pick a harmony line. 

Red T-Shirts, there is a track clearly marked for you to follow. 

Black T-Shirts, you need to pick one of the harmony lines (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). I suggest you print off the lyrics and whilst listening to your vocal line, you mark up where and what you’re singing. Once you feel happy and confident with your line, please get your Ariel uniforms on and send your videos to using the WeTransfer link. You can use the Backing Track or Full arrangement when recording your videos. 

You will also see that there are solo opportunities here too - there is a separate track for you to listen to. If you would like to put yourself forward for a solo, please send a video of you performing the Solo lines along with the backing track over to

Really looking forward to seeing your work on this! 

Backing Track - Memories
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Reds Memories
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Alto Memories
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Tenor Memories
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Solos Memories
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Full Memories
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Bass Memories
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Sop Memories
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Solos Memories
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Week 2

A message from Beth … 


Hi everyone! Thank you for joining our Digital Academy today. Building on your work last week, we are going to turn our attention to learning some movement to our Showcase Opening. Before we make a start, please can I suggest that you go back to last week’s lesson and make sure you are really comfortable with your singing before moving on to the movement. 

Our Opening Number is a really singing heavy piece so I have created this movement to compliment what you are singing - this is not a full out dance number! 

My lesson today comes in two parts - Part 1 is leaning the set chorus choreography. This comes in from 1.04-1.36 and again from 2.08 to the end of the track. There are two videos - one for Red T-Shirts and one for Black T-Shirts. 

Part 2 of this lessons comes in a choreography task for you. I would like you to think of your own movement for 2 counts of 8 of the ‘Everybody Hurts Sometimes’ section of the track. Respond to the lyrics, the style and mood of the song and try and piece it together to the chorus choreography. 

Get your Ariel Uniforms on and send your videos back to using the WeTransfer link below. Very excited to see your work! 

Full Memories
00:00 / 03:06


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