A message from Dom … 


Hi Orsinos & Tempests! Today, we’re going to do a dance called ‘Get Up.’ Some of you may have seen it on TikTok so I wanted to break it down so we can all learn it and put our unique spin on it! It starts 18 seconds in on the track. 

It’s really fast-paced, so think about engaging your core which will help you keep your balance and will enable you to move smoothly through each transition. Think ahead and smile!! 

Get your Ariel uniform on, record and send back to us - we want to join this TikTok craze!

Get Up - Ciara (TikTok) Lyrics

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Message from Chloe … 

Hello Orsinos and Tempests! I recently auditioned for Mamma Mia in Germany so I thought it would nice to share that choreography with you. Here it is and enjoy it! I look forward to seeing your work.

Please Press Play For Warm Up

Please Press Play For Video


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