It is with a heavy heart

that Ariel Drama Academy will be closing its doors for a period of time.
The health and safely of students and teachers and Ariel wider family are paramount.
Over the last 23 years Ariel has become home to so many, a place to be yourself and create such incredible memories, and in no time at all we will be back, in lessons, on stage, doing what we love to do.
We are actively setting up a online teaching facility which will be available for members, we can’t wait to start this new unexplored world of teaching.
Please keep well, keep being creative, we are going nowhere, this is temporary!


Much love to you all from

Nicci, Neil and everyone at Ariel 

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Ariel Theatre Company specialise in Drama academies, Theatrical Costume Hires, Acting agency, Stage Equipment , Bolney, West Sussex

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